Vineyard Update – May 2016

Notes From the Winemaker – Cane Pruning

Special wines call for special pruning methods. For our oldest estate block of Cabernet Sauvignon Sculpterra Winery uses a cane pruning method to insure the highest quality of grapes. In this video winemaker, Paul Frankel, explains how cane pruning is different from other types of pruning.

Notes From the Winemaker – Making Rosé

We just bottled our 2015 Paso Pink Rosé, here’s a behind the scenes look at how it’s made. Our Rosé is a perfect summer time wine, so we’ll be releasing this wine before summer.

Notes From the Winemaker – Pressing

After wine finishes fermentation the skins are gently pressed to extract every last drop of wine contained within them. In this video Paul Frankel explains how this process is done here at Sculpterra Winery.

Notes From the Winemaker – Punchdowns

Who knows what a punchdown is? In this video winemaker of Sculpterra Winery, Paul Frankel, explains the importance of this harvest practice.