Steve Kalar

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Kalar7 1I was born in Paso Robles, I attended the Lillian Larson Elementary School in San Miguel and graduated from Paso Robles High School, Class of 1970. I am a member of the Academic Hall of Fame of the Paso Robles High School.

My adventure in Italy began in August of 1972. My parents offered me the opportunity to study my third year of university with the California International Programs in Firenze, Italy, where I also atteneded the Academia delle Belle Arti studying fine arts studio painting, fresco, and restoration techniques. I remember the first morning I ventured into the central market of Borgo San Lorenzo… its beauty of space, seasonal color, and daily life have inspired and overwhelmed me for the past thrity-one years.

The past twenty-five years I have been working as an artist/aesthetics designer throughout the United States, mainly in Northern California creating ambiance, special effects, and commissioned art work for a multitude of high-end projects for my various clientele.

I find myself amidst a new renaissance on the Cnetral Coast of California and facing my life’s greatest challenges as an artist/aesthetics designer with a new joy, spirit, and self and a new vision of the place where I was born.

-Steve Kalar

Kalar6 616

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