Robert Bentley


Enter Sculpterra and you are greeted with unique iron signage, decorative iron fencing and tasting room embellishments by Robert C. Bentley, a master blacksmith and sculptor with a renaissance style and quality that will astound you. A close inspection of Bentley’s work will reveal an encyclopedia of ironworking techniques.

There’s magic about metal that mesmerizes those who work with and appreciate it. The ability to take a stack of metal rods and bars, heat them, and reshape them into beautiful useful objects is a constant source of awe and wonder.

From signage, fencing and handicap railing to beam ties, door trim and decorative metal embellishments throughout the tasting room, Bentley’s work and detail will amaze you.

Sculpterra is a work in progress and will have an ever changing world of art for you to discover each time you visit and enjoy our hand crafted wines.

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