Paul McCloskey 

"Spring Reflections-Sweet Springs"

Paul McCloskey

Creative Alchemist | Graphic Artist | Photographer | Printmaker |Painter

Born and raised in Boston, MA., Paul has been living on the California Central Coast now for 8+years, after many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a graphic artist, photographer & printmaker, & painter ,(somewhat of a “creative alchemist” ), and likes to think of his art/work as “Painting With Light”. “I am attempting to portray and communicate not only the breathtaking beauty in nature, but also the ambiance and spirit of it using natural light to help ‘paint’ my images… in camera, darkroom & studio.” Paul refers to his creative technique as ‘Photo-Painting’, which is a mixed media convergence of today’s digital photography & imaging technology with printmaking, and plain aire art ….

it’s ALL about LIGHT.

“Sacred Light – Sacred Lands” is one of his “Painting With Light” collections from A Journey Through the National Parks and Monuments and The American Landscape. Paul likes to refer to these images as “Windows to the American Landscape”, which offer a rather unique perspective from his eyes/vision.

“A New Vision of the Central Coast” and the California Landscape” is another of his “Painting With Light” collections including: coastalscapes, dunescapes, seascapes, vineyardscapes, and of course the magnificent backroads w/the old barns, farm houses, and ranches. Paul likes to refer to these images as “Windows to the Central Coast”, which also offers a rather unique perspective of the California Landscape.

"Spring Reflections - Soda Lake"


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