The Art of Sculpterra

The original concept of offering a location for all to view and admire art and taste wine, to enhance the Paso Robles wine experience is blossoming. As one turns off Linne Road and heads down the plum tree lined drive, your attention turns to the fence and entrance gate, created by long-time resident and master blacksmith/iron worker Robert Bentley. It is then you realize you are in for something special. Bentley’s ornate touches can be viewed both in and outside of the tasting room, from the baroque style awning at the entry way to the old world chandeliers hanging above you while you taste. The tasting room once housed Bentley’s work shop when he worked on such projects as the Villa Toscana B & B, Martin-Weyrich Winery, the Carlton Hotel, and the Santa Isabella Ranch. His intricate iron work and eye for detail is evident throughout the property.

World renowned sculptor John Jagger was commissioned by owner Dr. Warren Frankel for a five year period, and his works can be viewed while strolling through the gardens. These magnificent sculptures in bronze and granite are one man’s life work and are sure to inspire any visitor. From the beautiful 10 foot bronze “Mermaid” rising from the fountain, to the 20,000 Lb. granite “Puma” and the 16 ft. tall bronze “Dancing Horse”, Jagger’s passion for the underwater world, cats – from domestic to wild, and horses are evident. Upon entering the tasting room you are greeted by Jagger’s miniature series of sculptures displayed throughout.

Mr. Jagger left this world on June 6, 2013 and with his passing, local sculptor Dale Evers has taken over the reins  as the sculptor in residence, and will continue to push the creative envelope. Jagger was a mentor for Evers early in his career and a mutual respect was shared throughout their careers. Dale Evers is a cutting edge American artist, always the innovator, and established as a premier sculptor / designer of centerpiece art, he has gone beyond pure sculpture to successfully blend the world of fine art and functional design. The artist’s new mantra: Get the art out. That is, bring the art outside.

Dale Evers is currently working on new installations for the Sculpterra grounds. His latest pieces are the stainless steel and glass, “Flying Fish” and larger than life “Dragonfly on Cattail”. Future projects include a 25 foot wind chime with butterfly adornments as well as a butterfly emerging from cocoon (set for installation in early 2014), and the epic bronze creation – “FOCUS”- a 24 foot tall sculpture of the human form in the shape of an arrow set in a bow, symbolizing the strength of mankind. This creation is set to arrive in spring.

Sculpterra also displays the works of numerous other artists from both near and far. With such a large pool of local  talent, Sculpterra Winery has truly brought the concept of art and wine full circle. Sculpterra Winery continues to search for unique local talent to display their art and goods, continually spreading the word on the bounty of local talent this county has to offer.