John Jagger



Born in Chicago, John Jagger has been a full time professional sculptor for over 45 years. His monuments grace many cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, and his edition designs number in the hundreds, with edition numbers in the thousands in the hands of his collectors. His awards, prizes and patents are formidable.

With a batchelor’s in Interior Design, and a master’s in Creative Design, he attained Senior Industrial Designer status with IBM in the 50s. His commisioners read like the Dow Jones List of Blue Chip stocks. He has worked with churches, casinos, architects, important corporations, banks, newspapers, municipalities, galleries and private collectors.

A ‘driven’ man, he designed and built 4 homes for himself, though he lived in his studio a number of times, where he worked until exhausted, fell onto a cot, rose and continued working, 24/7. He has been a champion in boxing, wrestling, and judo. He played piano in bars and played tennis for money, as he worked his way through college. He has lived on the Ocean in Cambria, CA, and on top of a mountain in Atascadero, CA., for years.

“It was Providence that brought Warren Frankel and I together. With his dream of surrounding himself with fine art, and me wondering what my ‘Swan Song’ would be, our association was perfect, and certainly no coincidence.”

John Jagger

You can see more of John’s work on our Sculpture Garden page or on our Art for Sale page.

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