David Kreitzer

Artist David Kreitzer was born in Ord, Nebraska in 1942, The number four child in a family of ve. His father, The Reverend Mr. David Kreitzer, a Lutheran minister, and his mother, Norma, moved rather frequently during the years the children were growing up. The livelihood of a young country minister made moving a part of survival. From 1936 to 1950 pastor Kreitzer, an avid amateur photographer, recorded every aspect of his life on black and white lm.. The paintings listed here under the title Nebraska, have been shown under the title My Fathers Memories. These paintings are based upon the photo records kept by his father. Son David Kreitzer deciding to record the information stored in this vast array of black and white photographs has created a body of colorful paintings depicting his memories of growing up in the Nebraska countryside. They are a view back in time to the depression and WWII years in the heart of this country. Although the paintings are totally portrayed in his own style and sense of design, he has captured the lure of the countryside in the breadbasket of America much in the way his predecessors Grant Wood and Edward Hopper expressed their feeling about our land and our people. The paintings are a portrait of the richness of rural life that still exists today.



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