Darren Brown



Darren is a long-term camera nerd who enjoys connecting with nature, and capturing those moments in images. He originally hails from the seaside town of Plymouth, England, conveniently located near to Dartmoor, where herds of semi-wild ponies roam free… and sometimes pose for the patient photographer.

In 2014, Darren left England behind and moved to Paso Robles to marry Jamie, a local girl. The two of them have now combined their artistic talents in a business partnership taht invloves Amazon Handmade and Etsy stores, as well as photographic prints sold at Sculpterra Winery’s tasting room, whereDarren has worked since 2015. JD Creative Works combines Darren’s photography with Jamie’s bespoke and custom sewing.

To learn more about Darren or JD Creative Works, visit their website at: https://jdcreativeworks.com


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