Club Terms and Conditions

Club Terms and Conditions

We will send out notifications via email regarding shipping details but generally we ship on the third week of a wine club month. If you are not receiving email communications from us please notify us immediately and/or check your junk folder and okay emails from Constant Contact via Sculpterra Winery.  All club members must be 21 or over and those receiving wines at delivery address must sign and verify their age. If identification cannot be provided any associated shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer and charged accordingly. We strongly recommend that customers use a business address thus eliminating the possibility of additional shipping charges.


I understand that Sculpterra Winery communicates with wine club members mainly through email notification therefore it is necessary for me to monitor and assure that I am receiving emails regarding wine club shipments.


Sculpterra Winery ships wine club selections in February, April, September, and December – taking a break in the summer months due to concerns shipping in hot weather. Club shipments are charged in the beginning of the month and ship out during the third week of a shipment month, on Monday for out of state shipments and on Wednesday in California. In California we use GSO, a next day delivery service.

Cancellation Policy:

I understand that after three shipments, I may cancel my membership with a written 30-day notice via email or US Post. I understand that my credit card will be charged per shipment (inclusive of shipping, handling, and state tax where applicable). I agree to notify Sculpterra Winery of changes in my address, telephone, email, and/or credit card number no later than the last day prior to the month of the scheduled shipment.


If a member has notified the Wine Club Director that he/she will be picking up at the winery and fails to do so within 60 days from club shipment date and has not contacted the Wine Club Director, the order will be shipped to the delivery address on record and a shipping charge will be applied.


I understand that I am responsible for all costs incurred as a result of the package being returned to the winery. Packages returned to the winery and will-call packages will be held for up to 60 days and then returned to Sculpterra Winery inventory. The club member shall be charged a restocking charge and the initial order may be changed due to inventory levels at the time of shipment or pick up.