Notes From the Winemaker – Pruning

The Importance of Pruning – In this edition of Notes from the Winemaker Paul Frankel, Winemaker at Sculpterra Winery, talks about the importance of pruning the vines and how pruning is used to create great tasting, high-quality wines.

Preparing a Barrel for Barrel Fermentation

A quick video of Roque removing the head of a new barrel to get it ready for barrel fermentation. Barrel fermentation helps create more aromatic wines with deeper color. After fermentation the head is put back on the barrel and the wine ages in the same barrel it fermented in!

2012 Harvest at Sculpterra Winery

Harvest is a crazy and exciting time at any winery, it’s the time of the year when the growing stops and the winemaking process begins. Harvesting the grapes at the perfect time is crucial to achieve the desired qualities in a wine. In the Paso Robles wine region harvest usually starts around September and wraps […]

Our Journey

A look at the construction of our tasting room and the installation of our sculptures.

Sculpterra Winery, Vineyard, and Sculpture Garden

Visit Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden and experience a unique fusion of art and wine.  Escape to another world as you enter the property and view the decorative iron signage, fencing and tasting room embellishments by Bob Bentley, a master blacksmith with a renaissance style and quality that will astound you. Enjoy a picnic or […]