Fall Colors in the Vineyard

fallcolors 154

Every fall, between harvest and winter, the vineyard goes through a beautiful transformation creating beautiful fall colors. Enjoy some of the scenic photos.

2013 Pistachio Harvest

pistachios 132

Most of our pistachio trees are harvested by a mechanical shaker, but some of our younger trees our too small for the shaker so they have to be harvested by hand. Here are some photos of the process of manually harvesting pistachios.

2013 Harvest Day 2

More pictures of our 2013 Harvest.

2013 Harvest Day 1

Photos from an early morning harvest on September 13, 2013.

Checking the Brix

Checking Brix 026

In order to tell how ripe the grapes are you have to take a few sample clusters and check there brix, which is the amount of sugar in the grape. When the grapes get to the right brix levels there ready to harvest! Here are some photos of our winemaker, Paul Frankel, checking the brix […]