Harvest 2015 – Grenache

Grenache 977

The 2015 Harvest continues! Here are pictures from our Grenache harvest. This is a great block on our estate property, it’s only 1.6 acres but still produced over 10 tons of great, high quality fruit. This fruit will be used in a straight Grenache, a Rosé, and our Grenache based blend, Mega Focus.

Pistachio Harvest 2015

PHarvest 965

Harvesting pistachios is an interesting process. Most pistacios are harvested using a mechanical shaker that drives through the rows of trees shaking each tree and gathering all the pistachios that fall. The smaller trees however have to be hand-harvested using a pipe to knock the pistachios off the tree and a tarp to collect them. These […]

Harvest 2015 Day 3

Our 2015 harvest carries on! Here are more pictures of the exciting action.

Harvest 2015 Day 2

More pictures of our 2015 grapes coming off the vine to be processed.

First Day of Harvest 2015

Harvest 810

The 2015 harvest is on! We started off harvest by picking our Viognier grapes on August 19, 2015. Here are some of the pictures from that exciting day.