Notes From the Winemaker – Punchdowns

Who knows what a punchdown is? In this video winemaker of Sculpterra Winery, Paul Frankel, explains the importance of this harvest practice.

Notes From the Winemaker – Crush

After the grapes are harvested they go through the crush, which is a process explained here by the winemaker at Sculpterra Winery, Paul Frankel.

Notes From the Winemaker – Harvest

In this video Paul explains the process of hand picking grapes. It’s a very important step in producing high quality wines.

Harvest 2015 – Grenache

Grenache 977

The 2015 Harvest continues! Here are pictures from our Grenache harvest. This is a great block on our estate property, it’s only 1.6 acres but still produced over 10 tons of great, high quality fruit. This fruit will be used in a straight Grenache, a Rosé, and our Grenache based blend, Mega Focus.

Pistachio Harvest 2015

PHarvest 965

Harvesting pistachios is an interesting process. Most pistacios are harvested using a mechanical shaker that drives through the rows of trees shaking each tree and gathering all the pistachios that fall. The smaller trees however have to be hand-harvested using a pipe to knock the pistachios off the tree and a tarp to collect them. These […]