Paul McCloskey 

"Spring Reflections-Sweet Springs"

Paul McCloskey Creative Alchemist | Graphic Artist | Photographer | Printmaker |Painter Born and raised in Boston, MA., Paul has been living on the California Central Coast now for 8+years, after many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a graphic artist, photographer & printmaker, & painter ,(somewhat of a “creative alchemist” ), and likes to think of […]

Joe Tomei

Joe Tomei

Joe Tomei AS An Artist ;  “Independent entrepreneur, inventor and lover of life! As a young person and for over 20 years I was a professional Chef, Restaurant manager and owner. Then I changed my career to business 22 years ago. As a person who drew all his life to and very creative in many […]

Jim Albeter

Jim Alberter- Mirror Lake

About Jim: I have worked many jobs mainly in the machinist and computer industry and was able to make a decent living financially but found myself always longing to explore my creative ideas.  A few years ago I quit a perfectly good job as a computer technician and decided to try painting and I haven’t […]