Dana Kimberly Hixon

Dana Kimberly Hixon- September Artist

Visiting Artist September 2013 I make art for the pure joy of it. My subject matter varies according to what fascinates me at the moment. It could be as simple as the intensity of a particular color and how it makes me feel, or the challenge of creating something that sparks a sense of mystery […]

W.B. Eckert


I am fascinated by the grace and elegance of day to day elements of the world, and the power that they have to signal and elicit deep emotions or feelings of connectedness within us. The unfettered and simple flight of birds is one of my favorite and often visited subjects. Birds are obviously physical, but […]

Scott Bentley

In these quotidian images from Scott Bentley’s new series of photos, All Around Noise: Studies in Framing, Synecdoche and Juxtaposition, we see his fascination with elements of everyday wear and tear as we consider new points of view. Bentley gets around in a wheelchair, his lens uniquely angled across the topography of movement. Many of these […]

Stephen E. Price


Templeton artist Stephen Price has been a professional artist for thirty-six years. His plein- air paintings, acrylic landscapes, watercolors, airbrush art, trompe l’oeil and fine art murals are in galleries and private collections on many continents. Recently he completed a 6,300 sq ft Italian vineyard walk-in mural environment on a private estate in California with […]

Duane Dammeyer

My work is shaped by a combination of education, life events and artistic influences. I received an engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and studied art at Ventura College. Stone sculptor and teacher Ellis Jump has been a major inspiration. Engineering influences the geometric forms such as triangles, cubes and spheres that are seen […]