Dennis Curry


The art of Dennis Curry is based in his love of the natural world and its wildlife. Through this connection, Dennis has significantly contributed to conservation work around the world. First traveling to East Africa in 1982, Dennis then co-founded Duma Safaris with friend and publisher, Christopher Law. This gave him the pleasure of introducing […]

Linda Denman


Linda Denmas was raised in Ohio and moved to California in her 20s. She graduated from Cuesta College with an AA in fine arts. It was her dream to continue in the fine arts, but she decided to raise her family first. Now she spends her time with her husband, Joe, and riding her horse […]

David Kreitzer

Artist David Kreitzer was born in Ord, Nebraska in 1942, The number four child in a family of ve. His father, The Reverend Mr. David Kreitzer, a Lutheran minister, and his mother, Norma, moved rather frequently during the years the children were growing up. The livelihood of a young country minister made moving a part of survival. From 1936 to 1950 […]

Kim Doherty

Kim Doherty grew up in New Hampshire hiking and skiing in the White Mountains and swimming in the lakes and rivers. She received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New Hampshire. She currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and three children. She feels California is the most incredible state and […]

Josh Talbott


As with anything worth while the hurdles and dead ends have been numerous. This is the inherent challenge of being self taught. The beginning of the story of Josh as an artist should focus on the raw materials; a sense of wonder, playfulness, and an inquisitive nature. A boy completely immersed in drawing. With its […]