Kim Doherty

Kim Doherty grew up in New Hampshire hiking and skiing in the White Mountains and swimming in the lakes and rivers. She received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of New Hampshire. She currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and three children. She feels California is the most incredible state and is fortunate to have lived here the past twelve years. Her passion is painting scenes of beauty. Nature is the inspiration for many of her works. She has spent a great deal of time painting in San Diego, Laguna Beach, Paso Robles, Big Sur, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe.

My inspiration is nature. I am drawn to all types of landscapes: oceans, vineyards, mountains and flowers. Each painting holds special meaning to me. The places I paint are locations that bring me joy and peace. My hope is that this feeling will transfer to you and that you will find your own connection to the art. Many collectors of my work have commented that their paintings make them happy and that they are able to enjoy a feeling of being in that location every day from their own home or business. I am passionate about painting and love the continuous journey and challenge of creating new pieces. Art is about emotion and if emotion is reflected to the viewer in my work then I have succeeded.

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